Anthem offers a comprehensive suite of health and wellness programs included in all your clients' health plans. It's designed to help employees improve their health, while employers can benefit from a healthier, more productive workforce and lower health care costs. Programs include personalized member outreach and information, engagement programs, medical management and much, much more. Buy-up programs let you tailor to the specific needs of each client.

To find out which programs are available to your clients, see the program availability charts documents on the Resources Page.

Healthy Lifestyles

We encourage employees to make healthier lifestyle choices—and we give them the support to succeed. Based on changing behaviors, Healthy Lifestyles offers many options and includes comprehensive member resources including online and telephonic support, health education and other wellness tools.

Worksite Wellness

The Worksite Wellness program targets members right where they spend much of their time—at the workplace. With onsite health events, biometric screenings, educational seminars and even onsite flu clinics, members are empowered and equipped to be more involved, knowledgeable and proactive regarding their health.

Health Assessment (Click for more information)

Health Assessment is a program that helps members gauge how they’re doing in regards to their health and lets them know what they could be doing better. By using the free online calculator, members can confidentially enter their information and get an instant health evaluation and feedback, including suggestions for improvement toward greater health.

MyHealth Coach (Click for more information)

The MyHealth Coach program gives members and their families the personalized support they need to succeed in meeting health goals. Paired with a professional health coach, members and covered family get one-on-one guidance, education, counseling, support and valuable tools to assist them in making informed health-related decisions.

Employee Assistance Program (Click for more information)

Emotional issues are one of the greatest factors negatively impacting work performance. There are all sorts of causes—and our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has all sorts of solutions. From face-to-face counseling, legal and credit consultations, stress management, smoking cessation and identity theft assistance to substance abuse rehabilitation, members and those who live in their household have access to a wide array of resources to help with almost any life issue.

Anthem Health Rewards

Anthem Health Rewards is a program that provides incentives to members who choose to make healthier lifestyle changes. It helps members identify areas of concern, suggests programs to make health improvements, tracks progress towards goals and gives rewards for meeting them. A turnkey program with little administrative burden, Anthem’s Health Rewards offers employers a great way to communicate healthy lifestyles, and offers employees incentives to choose them.